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Florida Oral Surgery | How to Get Ready for Your Oral Surgery

If you’re like many others who are about to go through their first Florida Oral Surgery, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re nervous or anxious. However, if you have an idea about what to expect ahead of time, you can ease your anxiety and prepare yourself for the surgery.



What to Do Before a Florida Oral Surgery


  1. Follow the pre-op instructions.


If you’re going to have general anesthesia, you’ll be instructed to avoid food and water for at least eight hours before the surgery. If local anesthesia is required, you’ll be advised to take a light meal hours before the treatment. Your dentist may advise you to wear loose and comfortable clothing, not to wear any makeup, contact lenses, or jewelry during the surgery.


  1. Take your post-op medication.


Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and pain medication before the procedure to ensure your comfort. Take them as directed beforehand so that they can work for the procedure.


  1. Arrange for someone to drive you after the treatment.


Since you’ll be given some anesthesia, you won’t be able to drive yourself home after the treatment. It’s best to have a friend or a family member available to take you home. Finalize your transportation arrangements to and from the Florida Oral Surgery before your appointment. It might be better if they could stay with you for a day or two after the treatment so that they can keep an eye on you and help you around the house.


  1. Plan your post-op foods and drinks.


After the surgery, you’ll need to know the diet dos and don’ts to promote faster recovery. For example, you’ll be instructed to drink lots of water and healthy beverages such as tea, milk, and protein drinks. You’ll need to avoid drinking through a straw for the first 24 hours after the procedure and avoid eating foods that are acidic, spicy, hard, crunchy and chewy. Also, consuming hot foods and drinks are not recommended while under the influence of the anesthetic.


Dr. Francisco Montamarta is an experienced oral surgeon who uses the latest dental technologies to give you the best treatment possible. Call today to schedule your consultation for Florida Oral Surgery.


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