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Common Causes of Dental Discomfort

More often than not, patients only visit a dental clinic if they experience constant pain or discomfort. For as long as the discomfort is temporary or tolerable, most people only take over-the-counter painkillers. However, it’s always important to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Weston when the mild pain or discomfort continues.

Who is the Best dentist Weston?

Symptoms and Causes of Dental Pain

What are the Symptoms? 

Dental pain often occurs around your tooth or gums. You will feel soreness or slight inflammation in the infected or damaged area. Most of the time, the pain will result in headaches and extreme discomfort. It may also be accompanied by fever, especially when your tooth or gums are infected.

What are the Causes of Dental Pain Aside from Tooth Decay?

There are several causes of tooth pain. However, studies show that the most common reasons are the following:

  • Trauma to the tooth – Tooth trauma may be due to several reasons such as eating something too hard for your teeth, teeth clenching or grinding at night, and sports injuries. To address this dental concern, you can ask your dentist for a customized mouth guard. 
  • Abscessed tooth – This occurs when you have an infected pulp. The infection is often the result of neglect in maintaining proper dental hygiene. You will know that you have an abscessed tooth when you experience red gums, pain when chewing, and swelling.
  • Sensitive teeth – If you feel shooting pain from exposure to cold or hot food and beverages, you most likely have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth may be a sign that you have cracked teeth, damaged fillings, or a cavity.
  • Gum disease – It is the inflammation of the gums as a result of an infection. You will know that you have gum disease when you notice some aching, redness, or swelling of your gums. This must be treated as soon as possible because neglect of this problem may give rise to a more severe problem, like deterioration of gums or bone loss.
Who is the Best dentist Weston?

When to Call the Best Dentist in Weston?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Francisco Montamarta as soon as the pain and discomfort persist for more than two days. Additionally, pain when opening your mouth, earache, fever, and extreme pain also shows you need to seek professional help. So don’t hesitate, call now!

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