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What is Oral Surgery?

When a dentist says a patient needs oral surgery, many patients feel anxious. If your dentist mentions you have to undergo Weston oral surgery, you will think that there is something severe about your condition. The truth is, several oral surgery procedures resolve common dental conditions. These procedures include dental implants, jaw surgery, sleep apnea treatment, and wisdom tooth extraction.

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Oral Surgery and Its Common Types

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This is a surgery conducted to address concerns regarding tissues in the mouth, teeth and gums, and some areas of the face, head, or jaw. Oral surgeons are the ones who perform these various procedures. Additionally, a lot of these procedures are done on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to resume their normal activities within a few days.

Dental Implants

The most popular treatment for tooth loss is a dental implant and yes, it is considered oral surgery. During the procedure, titanium posts are inserted into your jawbone. Once recovered, artificial teeth will be placed onto those posts, providing you a strong permanent teeth replacement.

Reconstructive and Jaw Surgery

Oral surgeons are trained and experienced to treat concerns regarding jaw alignment, as well as injuries that may need surgical intervention. This procedure can not only enhance a patient’s appearance, but it can likewise prevent pain and aid the patient to chew and eat food without problems.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

One of the serious sleep disorders is sleep apnea. You’ll be surprised to know that treatment of this condition also falls under oral surgery. While there various options to treat sleep apnea, some people opt for surgery, especially when the condition is already in a severe stage.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While some people don’t have problems with their wisdom teeth, it’s not rare for third molars to get trapped or impacted. If not removed, these wisdom teeth can cause severe pain and result in the misalignment of your teeth.

where can i get quality weston oral surgery?

Know More About Weston Oral Surgery

Oral surgery should not be feared since there are several measures to ensure you don’t feel pain during the surgery. Contact Dr. Francisco Montamarta to know more or to book an appointment.

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