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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Oral Surgery

February 23, 2022

Is your tooth throbbing so severely that it wakes you up in the middle of the night? If you’ve experienced this pain, then you probably need to seek the services of a dentist. Maybe your dentist will require you to get a tooth extraction or other major Weston oral surgery.  

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Oral Surgery Recovery

Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary

Dentists normally suggest that a tooth be extracted if one of the following conditions exists:  

  • It has been irreparably ruined by a large cavity.  
  • It’s so messed up that it can never be fixed.  
  • The bone that supports it has been undermined by advanced periodontitis 
  • It won’t fall out on its own and is obstructing the eruption of an adult tooth .  
  • There must be enough space to accommodate an orthodontic treatment, dental implant, or dentures.  
  • It has become impacted and inflamed, which is generally the case with wisdom teeth.   

Recovery Period

Knowing how long your body can recover from oral surgery will depend on what type of treatment you had. It also varies significantly from patient to patient, based on a few key aspects such as the patient’s follow-up instructions, the patient’s oral health, and placement and size of the tooth.  

The recovery time for a basic extraction (which includes extracting a tooth that has already popped out) is typically short. Generally, your oral surgeon would request that you rest for a couple days after the procedure to enable the treated area to clot. A patient should be able to resume normal physical activities after that. In most cases, the soft tissue will recuperate entirely in three to four weeks.   

Patient receiving oral surgery in Weston

Learn About the Recovery Tips for Weston Oral Surgery

At Dr. M Center, we are able to offer simple and emergency oral surgery. We always keep our patient’s health and comfort in mind. Come see us today 

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