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Can You Exercise After Oral Surgery?

April 6, 2022

Tooth removal and other types of Davie oral surgery may be required for a variety of reasons, such as aesthetics, trauma, or late-stage tooth disease. Once the surgery is done, you may be tempted to resume your usual tasks, but you have to remember that you won’t be able to exercise right away.

a woman exercising outdoors weeks after getting Davie oral surgery

When to Get Back on Your Feet

Limit Exercise After Wisdom Teeth Extraction or Other Oral Surgery

Physical activity must be restricted for four days after tooth extraction. Strenuous work and exercise, such as heavy lifting and running for long periods, should be avoided.

Exercise After Surgery Can Be Dangerous

According to oral surgeons, patients should avoid physical activity for the first four days after surgery. Exercise can raise blood pressure, which can induce bleeding at the extraction site. Worst of all, the blood clot that forms after surgery in the affected area may get dislodged, resulting in a dry socket.

When Will You Be Able to Exercise Again?

It is generally recommended that you wait four days before going back to the gym. Once that time is up, steer clear of high-intensity activities like swimming, karate, boxing, jogging, and other strenuous workouts.

Patients who have a more complex tooth extraction involving tissue manipulation and blood loss typically need to wait longer. Those who had a less invasive operation, on the other hand, can easily slip back into their routine after four days.

Finally, if you’re unsure, you should consult with your oral surgeon to determine when it is safe to resume exercise.

a smiling patient giving a thumbs up sign after getting a Davie oral surgery

Learn About Davie Oral Surgery Aftercare Tips

At the office of Dr. Francisco Montamarta, we ensure that our patients are given all after-care tips after the treatment. Call our dental professionals today!

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