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Deficient Bone Restoration

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“Deficient bone restoration” – it can sound a little intimidating. But, don’t let it worry you too much! Bone loss is more common than you may think. Luckily, with modern technology and our experienced periodontist in Miami, we can help restore the integrity of your jaw!

Why is My Jawbone Deficient?

We bet you didn’t know that having healthy teeth helps create healthy jawbone! So, when you experience tooth loss, it impacts the strength and density of your jawbone. But, tooth loss isn’t the only cause of a weak jawbone. Age, medical issues, periodontitis, and more can lead to bigger oral health issues.

What is Bone Grafting and Augmentation?

Bone grafting and augmentation are oral surgery procedures that can restore your jawbone and prepare you for other restorations. During a bone graft, our oral surgeon transplants your own bone or a donor bone to reinforce your jaw bone. During an augmentation, it is a small enough area that only augmentation material is necessary. This will all happen under anesthesia for a peaceful and positive experience!

Are You Looking to Restore Your Smile?

There’s a lot more smile restoration than what meets the eye! If you think you’re in need of a deficient bone restoration, contact Dr. Francisco Montamarta’s office to schedule an appointment!
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