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Retained Tooth Exposure

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Sometimes teeth struggle to erupt the way they should! This can cause a retained tooth, or an impaction, meaning a tooth is stuck under the gum. While this tends to happen to canine teeth, it is a simple fix with a small procedure and orthodontic treatment.

How Do I Know if I Have an Impacted Tooth?

It’s not always obvious if you have an impacted tooth. That’s why it’s so important that you come to see our periodontist on a regular basis. We will perform X-rays and additional evaluations to ensure that the patient’s health is progressing properly! Then, in cases like an impaction, we can address it with the best plan of action.

What Does a Retained Tooth Exposure Entail?

A retained tooth exposure is popularly used in conjunction with orthodontics. During the surgery, our doctor will open a space for the impacted tooth to come down. Orthodontics will them be placed to guide the tooth down and into the proper placement. This is a slow process. Once the tooth is in its place, we will reexamine the gum to make sure everything has healed properly!

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