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Our office is equipped with only the most advanced and state of the art dental technology. With the help of intraoral scanning, the day of uncomfortable and lengthy impressions are long gone. We can now achieve high-quality digital impressions that not only deliver better results but offer a more pleasant experience for our patients!

What Are Digital Impressions?

The molding technique that comes with traditional impressions is not only messy but extremely uncomfortable for patients. The process generally consists of the patient sitting with an uncomfortable piece of material in their mouth for at least 15 minutes. It's not uncommon for patients to choke, gag, or experience discomfort. Luckily, digital impressions are an effective and comfortable alternative to traditional impressions. An intraoral Scanner is a quick and effective process that takes only a few minutes to scan the patient's teeth. The results are high-quality images that assist in a more effective treatment.

Some benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Less time in the chair
  • High-quality impressions
  • Zero use of uncomfortable impression materials
  • Reduces chances of impression errors
  • Impressions are stored electronically
  • And more!  

Are You in Need of Intraoral Scanning in South Florida?

You no longer have to worry about uncomfortable traditional impressions. With the help of advanced technology, our digital impressions are as effective and comfortable as ever!
Dr. Montamarta and his experienced team are here for any of your dental implant, periodontal, or oral surgery needs. Contact our office today for more information on digital impressions or our other services!
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