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Orthodontic Implants

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A crooked smile isn’t only just unattractive, it also makes maintaining your oral health difficult, which can lead to a variety of dental and general health issues. However, with the help of orthodontic implants, you can achieve a straight and healthy smile quickly and comfortably!

What Are Orthodontic Implants?

In order to achieve a straight smile, gentle yet constant pressure must be applied to your teeth. This requires a strong anchor for your braces to effectively shift your teeth. An orthodontic implant provides a completely stable anchor for your braces to apply pressure to your teeth, allowing them to shift into a straight and attractive smile!

Some Benefits of Orthodontic Implants Include:

  • Less discomfort for the patient
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easily removed
  • And more!

Are You in Need of Orthodontic Implants in South Florida?

Is your smile crooked or misaligned?  Achieve the smile of your dreams today with the help of orthodontic implants! Dr. Montamarta and his experienced team are here for any of your dental needs, including dental implants, periodontal, oral surgery, and more! Contact our office today for more information on our services!
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